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Miracle Food

Miracle Food

In ancient times, walnut, which was only as miraculous and special as the gods can deserve, can now be reached more easily in our daily life.

While it is consumed frequently on food supplements or snack meals alone, it is also among the most popular foods that tastes and customizes food such as most meals, desserts, salads and breads.

Why is it so miraculous?

What do some of the ingredients in the walnut tell us?

Unsaturated Fatty Acids: The human body’s produce most of unsaturated fatty acids, while linoleic acid is the unsaturated fatty acids that your body cannot produce. Walnut is a very rich nutrient in terms of linoleic acid that cannot be produced but required. According to investigations, linolenic acid is a potential anti-carcinogen.

Walnut, at the same time is a rich nutrient in terms of;

Iron: Iron mineral which helps us to protect our immune system from diseases

B1 Vitamin: B1 vitamins that make our nervous system healthier

B6 Vitamin: B 6 vitamin, which is important for our immune system and produces blood cells.

Omega 3: The richest tree nut in terms of Omega 3 determined to reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease.

Polyphenol: Which has the highest polyphenol content among the most commonly consumed nuts. The vast majority of polyphenols are antioxidants and have an important role in protecting against heart diseases and cancer.

Endothelial: It functions as a single-layered flat epithelium carrying pinocytosis, lining the endothelial, heart, blood, lymphatic vessels and other internal fluid-filled cavities in response to more frequent organ lipidosis in overweight individuals in regular and controlled walnut consumption.

Regular consumption is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of Type 2 diabetes, especially in women.

It’s also stated that walnut consumption has a positive effect in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, delaying onset, slowing progression or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The proposal of the experts is 2-5 walnut consumption per day and 2-3 times a week you use walnut oil as alternative in your salads. This number may vary with personal health problems or weight status.