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Baklan intends to undertake second stage responsibilities such as better evaluation of cultivated products, processing, storage and transportation and also invests in information, equipment and technology in these areas also by taking into consideration further periods. Having sufficient knowledge and experience for the production of natural products as well as for trade, Baklan aims to lead the agriculture sector by using these experiences.


In addition to agricultural engineers, we also employ topographers, machine operators and mechanics for maintenance and repair of machinery and tools. We have already added 10 people in our staff in the first garden installation phase. In addition, the people of the region are preferred from time to time as day-labourer. In the following periods, the area of labor force to be provided from the region will be around 2500-3000 man / day per year. According to the needs, work machinery and tractors are rented in our region. We are happy to contribute to the employment of the people of the region and to increase the agricultural knowledge and accumulation in the following periods.


Our mechanization investments continue to be made so that the installation of the garden facility and the subsequent processes can proceed effectively. For this purpose, tractors, excavators, dozers, harvesters, tillage machines, some of the spraying machines have been included in our organization as inventory. When necessary, our needs are met by renting from the outside.


What is most pleasing to us is that we prepare a walnut forest that will survive for at least 100 years by integrating parcels that can be counted as marginally as much as the land where many solar energy is out of agriculture and economy.


Within the scope of industrial agriculture applications, each system installed in the field is designed to be integrated with each other and to work within the automation infrastructure. Every point of the land will be equipped with technological devices and will have the ability to be monitored and controlled from a center. Some examples of automation are;

Drip irrigation system (automatic irrigation program, solenoid valves, meteorological stations etc.) consists of fertilization, soil monitoring (PH, EC, humidity monitoring etc.), camera systems, garden and product tracking software.


Baklan, which began to purchase land in Manisa Kula Gökçeören in 2016, completed the stone, rock and wild vegetation clearing, terracing and planting preparations on the purhased lands, and in 2017, it planted 8500 blue certified chandler walnuts in an area of 700 decares.

Baklan, by getting strength from its activities in one year, set its aim as 20000 pieces of planted saplings in an area of 2000 decares until the end of 2018.


Baklan, by getting strength from its activities in one year, set its aim as 20000 pieces of planted saplings in an area of 2000 decares until the end of 2018.

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Baklan - Denizli
Baklan Meyvecilik ve Soğuk Hava Deposu İşletmeleri Ticaret A.Ş.
Gökçeören, Kula - Manisa
Baklan; 2017 yılı içerisinde 700 dekarlık alana 8500 adet mavi sertifikalı chandler cinsi cevizin dikimini gerçekleştirmiştir.
Trend Office
Adalet mah. 2132/2 sok. No:3 D:45 Bayraklı/ İzmir

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