Baklan Meyvecilik ve Soğuk Hava Deposu İşletmeleri Ticaret A.Ş started commercial life in 2015. Its foundation purposes include setting up a garden for the production of agricultural products, managing all processes such as processing, packaging and wholesale / retailing of the products produced and supplied. In addition to its production and processing skills, Baklan also provides the opportunities of cold storage of its own products and products of other producers.

Baklan, by adopting the blending of industry and production experience in the company’s internal structure with efficiency and technology as a vision and continues to produce with a conscious, healthy and sensitive working approach to agriculture.


Baklan intends to undertake second stage responsibilities such as processing, storage and transportation after the products are grown, and also invests in information, equipment and technology in these areas also by taking into consideration further periods. Having sufficient knowledge and experience for the production of natural products as well as for trade, Baklan aims to lead the agriculture sector by using these experiences.


Land Identification

Mapping of the entire site before planting is terracing according to the contour lines of the map if terracing is required, and determination of the planting points.

Conscious Use

It is the establishment of a drip irrigation system that uses the obtained data and spends the limited amount of water and electricity on the minimum level.

Knowing the Soil

It means that according to the results obtained from the different points of the land, the soil which is taken and analyzed in accordance with the soil sampling rules, the application of rich organic matter and various materials to the planting points is done.

Traceable Agriculture

Because there will be no same soil and water in each region of the land, the needs of plants in different regions will be different. In addition to analysis of soil, water and leaves from these different regions, the need for planting is determined by the data to be obtained online from the field.

Conscious Production

It is removal of the necessity of poisonous weed pesticide to be applied to soil by preventing the formation of unwanted weeds and to apply mulch material to the bottom of saplings in order to increase the efficiency of the irrigation.

Organic and Good Agricultural Practices

Adhering to the requirements of Good Agriculture at every step of agriculture by adopting all scientific and traditional methods of good agricultural concept.

Everything about the conscious agriculture, natural production, delicious ingredients and the gifts of nature …

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